Making Your Viscous Supply Chain Greener

  • Sustainability- Reduces waste disposal, eliminates packaging cost and reduces risk for spillage.
  • Elimination of package material/related disposal costs- Pallets, liners, cartons, shrink-wrap.
  • Elimination of warehousing in-plant handling and administration costs- Working capital, inventory management, crane operation, order tracking.
  • Reduction of waste (heel)- Virtually, the entire product is discharged for use of Piston Tank Trailer. Comparatively, other tank trailers often leave 500 to 1000 gallons of highly viscous product as a heel. This reduction in shipped waste translates to immediate savings for the user and reduced clean out costs for the shipper.
  • Elimination of contamination risk- Compares to drum and tote delivery, with their related problems oh inventory control, product handling and drum disposal, the opportunity for product contamination is greatly reduced during transfer into  the plants storage system, which eliminates all airborne and other environmental contaminates.
  • Using Piston Tank Trailers reduced delivered product costs- Buying in bulk has always permitted industry to benefit from the cost economy realized. Additional savings are accomplished through reduced labor costs and the elimination of handling and storing drums, along with improvements in plant safety, general appearance an environmental impact.